MFA: Automatic Enrollment: Android - Microsoft Authenticator App

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MFA Automatic Enrollment Instructions: Android - Microsoft Authenticator app

Please Note:

  • Should you encounter “Allow my organization to manage my device” it is recommended Not to select this option.

  • None of your personal data is stored from any phone device you select for MFA set up even with the authenticator app. Its only purpose is to authenticate and it cannot store data.

What you will need before you begin MFA set up:

Note: If you are not a new student or have not been notified of having a compromised account you will need to use MFA Self-Enrollment instructions to set up MFA rather than using instructions provided below.

  1. Immediate access to the Phone you will select for your preferred verification option
  2. A Computer with Internet connectivity
  • Please note: If you are both employee and student, you will need to set up MFA on both your employee and student accounts. The Microsoft Authenticator application can support multiple accounts.  
  • If you are employed or take classes at multiple Minnesota State University / Colleges you only need to do this once per employee/student account.



  • Note: Illustrations and instructions may vary slightly.
  • Step 1) On your Android phone:
    • a)  Go to the Play Store.
    • b)  Perform search for "Microsoft Authenticator". Install, then Open app.
    • (you may be prompted to enter your Google login)