Google Voice Instructions for those without a cell phone

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Students who do not have a cell phone but need to sign up for MFA

If you do not have a cell phone, but do have a family phone or home phone, and are in the process of enabling MFA, you can sign up for a google voice number to receive the text or call authentication. Note, you will need an existing phone number (like a home phone), to sign up for Google Voice. If you do not have access to any phone, please contact the help desk.

How to set up Google Voice

Step 1:

From your computer, click on the following link (you can also copy and paste it into an internet window). You will need to log into your google account or create a google account if/when prompted to proceed.

Step 2:

Click the ‘For personal use’ button and then select ‘Web’ from the drop-down.

Step 3:

Search for your city or zip code and select one of the numbers. It does not have to be in the city or zip code that you reside if there is not one available.