Eduroam - Android Client Configuration Instructions

Eduroam - Android Client Configuration Instructions

Tags **Please Note: Not all Android phones have the exact same settings.  We have tried to give the available settings that we have seen.

This article was created to provide you the steps for configuration of the eduroam wireless network on an Android device such as a phone or tablet.

1.  From the home screen, select the Settings app.

2.  From the Settings app, select Connections.

3.  Within Connections select "Wi-Fi".

4.  From the available wireless networks, select "eduroam".


5.  Select your connection settings.  (This will most likely be default settings.  EAP method: PEAP, Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2, CA Certificate: Don't validate).  Some of these setting may not be on your Android phone or have a slightly different name.

EAP Method  =  PEAP
Phase 2 Authentication  =  mschapv2
(Server) CA Certificate  =  Do Not Check/Don't Validate
Subject Match  =  Leave It Blank
Online Certificate Status = Do Not Validate
User Certificate  =  Leave It Blank Or None Install
Domain = Use info for Identity after the @ sign
Example =