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MFA Self-Enrollment Instructions: Campus Desk Phone

What you will need before you begin MFA set up:

Note: If you are a new student or have been notified of having a compromised account you will need to use MFA Automatic-Enrollment instructions to set up MFA rather than using instructions provided below.

  • You will need Immediate access to your campus office phone and computer.
  • Note: Should you choose your campus desk phone as your preferred MFA verification device, keep in mind you will need to have immediate access to your office desk phone whenever you log into O365 applications.


  • Important note:
    • Once you click on the Minnesota State button Enable Multi Factor Authentication outlined in the first step (Step 1), you will need to complete MFA set up before you will be able to access your email and other Minnesota State O365 connected services. If you cancel or do not complete the set up, you will not be able to access these services until MFA is successfully set up.
  • Step 1) From your computer, browse to
    • a)  Click, Enable Multi Factor Authentication < Your Name > button.

  • b)  It will then display Your account is now enabled for MFA and offers the link to:
  • c)  browse or click here: to continue MFA set up.
  • Step 2) Sign in with your username and password:
    • Student username:
    • Employee username:
    • Click Next on the prompt More information required.
      • Please note, If you are both employee and student, you will need to set up MFA on both your employee and student accounts.
      • If you are employed or take classes at multiple Minnesota State University / Colleges you only need to do this once per employee/student account.
  • Step 3) From the Additional security verification page:
    • a)  Under Step 1: How should we contact you?:
      • Select Office phone from the drop down menu
      • Select country and enter the exact 10-digit phone number for your desk phone, if it is not already listed.
      • Do not include extension information.
      • If the number listed is a general campus number, this will not work, make sure the phone number is your specific10-digit desk phone number. 
    • b)  Under Method, select Call me.
    • c)  Click Next.

  • Step 4) On your computer, MFA will display Verifying phone: Answer it to continue. The incoming call will display Restricted. Answer the call and follow the instructions.

  • Step 5) Set Alternate authentication options

Important: To help ensure you are not locked out of your account, please set up Alternate authentication phone. This allows you to have an alternate authentication option for example, should you not have immediate access to your office desk phone due to an outage, malfunction of your phone hardware, or if you are working off-campus.

  • Check the box next to Alternate authentication phone, select country and enter the 10-digit phone number.
  • Step 6) Click Save after you have set up any alternate authentication options you would like.
    • Your account is now set with MFA protection!

If you need assistance with MFA please contact IT Service Desk.

Information Security

What should I do when I get a verification request I don’t recognize?

If you receive approval requests for access to your Office 365 and you are not actively signing in to Minnesota State O365 connected applications (in other words you did not just attempt to log in to your O365 account using your Minnesota State O365 login credentials) then deny the access.

Stay Vigilant:

  • You will not be prompted by MFA without your attempt to log in. MFA verification will never prompt you first. Do not approve or take action on any prompts if you are not logging into your account.
  • No one, including IT Services, Metropolitan State University, Minnesota State Colleges or Universities, or other entities which may appear to be related, will ever contact or prompt you to ask you to “approve” an MFA notification or ask for a verification code.  
  • Do not press # key for verification or enter verification code if you receive a voice call on your mobile device, office, or alternate phone. Ensure your spouse or trusted family doesn’t automatically enter the key(s) without checking with you first.
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